Friday, March 7, 2008

Continuation of Impostor Husband

Yesterday I told you about mistaking a stranger for my husband, sad but true. Now I'm here to tell you that apparently I can not recognize my hubby even if he is standing right in front of me!

First you need to know WB is an engineer, a chemical engineer to be exact, one that works for a major oil company. His work is not in some plush downtown office, he works at the refinery. He's a hands on kind of guy, he has this endearing quality that everything will work better if he just does it himself. This is a trait that is carried over here at Cotton-Top Hills as well! Anywho, he goes off to work each morning wearing steel-toed work boots, a polo or button down shirt, his starched Wranglers or khaki pants. This is his engineer uniform. If he's out exploring the refinery he wears some very fashionable tan coveralls with reflective tape, badges that change color right before you inhale some toxic fumes and die, and a hard hat complete with ear protection. I'm telling you this get up makes my heart skip a beat, humpf and some women go ga ga over a man in chaps!!

Sorry, I'm getting distracted from my story. On voting day, that was Tuesday here in the great state of Texas, he was driving back from a recruiting trip to Tech. I talked with him on his cell and told him we would meet him at the school to vote. While waiting outside the girls ran off to get a drink of water. I watched them as they ran right in front of a nice looking man in a black suit and dark sunglasses. My first guess was that this was one of the local candidates coming to vote. I thought that because most of the men you see around here are ranchers, etc. I recognized this good looking man to be my husband a half a second before the girls doubled back and yelled, "Dad!". I also noticed that behind my husband a woman in a red suburban was craning her neck to check my husband out which almost resulted in her bumping into the car behind her. Maybe she recognized him as Mr. February. Or maybe she was just checking out the voting times posted behind me.

So there it is. I failed to recognize my husband, this time I thought he was the stranger. Maybe I need glasses or maybe I need to try a new hair color or maybe I just need to resign myself to the fact that I am a little ditsy!!

Oh, almost forgot I made hubby pose for a picture.

This man cracks me up!!


Pat's Place said...

Yep! He's handsome, even if I do say so myself! Way to go! Wow those women!

The Fritz Facts said...

I have done that before. Hubby doesn't dress up often, and when he does I always miss him the crowd.
He is one handsome man!

fairenuff said...

Well, having an other half I shouldnt say this, but mmmmmmmmm!

Now you know you mentioned another hair colour? How about getting WB to change HIS hair to pink, then you wouldnt miss him in the crowd?! Ha ha ha ha plonk (me laughing my head off!).

kpottlitzer said...

he looks like he should be on the MIB dvd cover with will smith and tommy lee jones!