Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Husband Impostor and the Egg

One Easter about ten years ago my parents took Wrangler Boy and I to a fancy brunch at a French sounding hotel. There were sparkling mimosas, mounds of sweet pastries, salmon, beef tenderloin, smoked turkey, assortment of cheeses and bread, desserts of every kind and more. The tables were decorated with fancy chocolate shaped bunnies and giant eggs. Oh, and by the way the giant chocolate eggs were not meant to be eaten. WB cut a piece off of one and at the table took a big bite of the delicate candy only to find it was a huge piece of egg shaped Crisco covered in chocolate. I could just hear the french waiters muttering, "Stupid Americans they even eat the table decorations!"

Anyway, we took our time browsing the tables and picking up more food then we could ever hope to eat. As I was checking out the cheese and bread table I felt WB pass by me to pick up a roll. I scooted up close beside him and while checking out his plate I asked, "What did you get honey?"

I saw my mom out of the corner of my eye walking up beside us as I heard an unfamiliar voice in my ear respond, "Well, whatever I got it must be good."

My eyes flew to the face of a stranger. A stranger that really didn't even remotely look like my husband, except for the fact he was wearing glasses. My husband would later point out that he was wearing his contacts and didn't even have on glasses. Whoops.

Even my dear Mom thought he was my hubby at first. And I really have no idea how I made such a mistake. My mother and I had a hard time retelling the story to my Dad and WB because we were laughing so hard. I pointed out the husband impostor and my real husband looked at me like I had lost my mind. He kept eying me through out the meal and shaking his head. Geez, we all make's not like I took a big bite out of a crisco egg or something.

So anyways, I was reminded of all this on Tuesday when I forgot what my husband looked like! I'll tell you about that tomorrow;)


kpottlitzer said...

awesome story! i love it! was i there???

Kara said...

I think you were away at Hanover because you would totally have remembered the lard egg!

Pat's Place said...

Crisco Egg, huh? We do LOVE our chocolate in this family--except for hubby! You are gathering quite a few stories about WB. Do I see a book-in-the-making? Remember the piece you and WB wrote about your first Christmas together? I think I still have it in my files. Another entry in the WB book??