Monday, March 17, 2008

Memorable Moments Monday

Well, if I was really brave I'd post a picture of myself this morning, but I'm not. Let's just say that my dormant curly, frizzy hair has come to life again here in the south Texas humidity! Before children and before living in the arid climate of the panhandle of Texas my hair was a mass of thick curls, that on occasion was known for it's frizzy abilities. Then I had three children and during and after each pregnancy my hair changed a little. It is now much easier to tame the little bit of curl and go straight then to try to coax my hair back to it's former glory. But when I come visit my parents it seems this mass on my head takes a trip down memory lane. Last night I went to bed with it wet...didn't put any gel, spray etc. on it and this morning well... I frightened my children with the massive dark blob that covered my head. It poofed, frizzed, kinked and curled all night resulting in a scene that has my kids convinced The Who from Dr. Seuss's Horton Hears a Who is hiding amongst the wreckage of my hair.
Anyway, that's my memorable moment for today, do you have any?


Pat's Place said...

Maybe the whole weekend was enough to make your hair curl?? But a great time was had by all--mostly due to your excellent planning! Thanks for a marvelous gathering!

The Fritz Facts said...

My hair is right in between super curly and wavy. It makes it quite interesting when I am getting ready right after a shower. Either I gel it so it curls, straighten it or it gets shoved into a ponytail. There are no mediums when it comes to my hair.

Amy D said...

I've always wished I had naturally curly hair, but those of you who do have it don't seem to think too highly of it, lol.

Hopefully I'll be back to posting memorable moments soon. I really enjoyed the ones I've done! :)

kpottlitzer said...

my memorable moment happened today at lifetime fitness. i was focused on this "tall guy" several yards away doing this really interesting stretch. he was balanced on one foot while pulling his opposite leg behind him in a kind of traditional quad stretch. after about 60 seconds i realized it was not a real guy, but a mannequin. the sad thing is, it wasn't that far away and the mannequin didn't have hair or shoes!

fairenuff said...

We want pictures,
We want pictures!!

Hee hee! I am with you, sister. I have frizzy curly hair, it goes into ringlets naturally. But I tie it back very tightly when I wash it so that it will dry straight and now it takes a few days of being loose to gather a bit of curl. Oooh how I hate the frizz!