Saturday, March 22, 2008

Excuses, Excuses

We're home and I still have not downloaded promised pictures from trip, sorry. But here are some excuses for my delay, and I do this because I know that in your every day life you just don't hear enough of them, ahem.

Upon arriving home the plan was to unload, put away, and launder in a timely fashion. For us this means not allowing your suitcases to sit on the floor where they were dumped upon arrival for the next week or month.

My body continues to fight the flu or some unknown tropical disease, which now has my delicate ears on the fritz, which is never a good thing.

Our hot water heater, wait let me rephrase, our water heater (WB strongly dislikes the term hot water heater because this is not what it doesn't heat hot water it heats water. Yes, I live with this on a daily basis) went out after two loads of laundry. Happy to report after a trip to Home Depot we bought a new water heater and WB had it installed that afternoon. And even better news it all seems to be working!!

Grocery shopping after being gone for a week.

Realizing it is Easter on Sunday and your children have no dresses and no shoes.

Realize that we haven't decorated eggs, told the Easter Bunny to bring candy, or found the Easter baskets that are stashed away somewhere.

Chasing around an 11 1/2 month old (this is always a good excuse)

But I promise I will get them downloaded ASAP...


fairenuff said...

Good excuses... now get a move on! LOL

Hope you feel better soon, I'm looking forward to your pics.


Pat's Place said...

I heard that you had a "White Easter" again this year! I never ever remember wearing a frilly Easter dress up there without my winter wool coat covering up all that Easter finery!

The Fritz Facts said...

I guess those are good excuses...
I know the ear pain..on the Fritz all the time here! Literally

Hope you are feeling better very soon!