Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Look at Our New Do's

Okay, I know I have a story to tell about our long trip home the other day, but I had to post this picture of my girls and their new haircuts. Em went first and something amazing happened, Soph decided to cut her hair short and get some bangs. I almost fell over, in fact I had to sit down for a moment. I anxiously watched as her hair was cut and was so happy that halfway through she didn't change her mind and start crying. Mrs. Brenda, who has been cutting their hair since their first ever haircut did a wonderful job! I am so happy that I can now see Soph's face and the brushing will be so much easier, yipee!!

I'm just so happy, I think I'll just sit here and take in their glowing faces:)


Pat's Place said...

Tell the girls they look like movie stars! They are so beautiful! I am so proud of both of them to get that summer 'do!' So much easier to take care of. Anxious to see all of you!

Karen said...

Wow, their hair looks great!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Pat. They do look like movie stars. I really like their new look.