Friday, June 6, 2008

Snarvil Meets Baby

To continue with my canine stories I just had to introduce you to Snarvil, our first Basset Hound. My Dad named the dog, he is the master of making up words that you will never find gracing the pages of Webster's. But Snarvil wore his name well.

This photo was taken on the day I arrived home from the hospital. It was my first introduction to an animal of the four-legged variety. I'm not sure I was too impressed with him in the beginning but over the years we would form a close bond. I have to note the white shag rug my mother is sitting on, oh and look at those pants my Dad is sporting...Can you guess the year? My mother would like for me to point out that she thinks she looks terrible in this picture. I asked her why and she said she looks tired. Well, yeah you should be tired. You just endured many hours of natural childbirth, have been nursing me around the clock, and you just got out of the hospital with your firstborn. I think she looks beautiful!

Snarvil was a true friend. My mother was very sick while pregnant with me and when she'd go to throw up he would show his support by throwing up alongside of her. He didn't harbor any ill feelings about being pushed aside for the new arrival, he just took it upon himself to never leave my side. He slept under my crib every night, howled along with my crying, and become my protector. I remember sitting on his back watching The Wizard of Oz for the first time. He endured many ear pullings, eye pokes, and even wore a tutu a time or two all without a whimper of protest.

Dad took us dove hunting when I was about four. Snarvil and I trailed behind smelling the flowers, stirring up rabbits, giving chase to said rabbits, singing songs; it was a marvelous day. I don't think Dad ever took us with him again.

Snarvil and I entered the fair dog show. It was our shining moment. Snarvil's shot at having his adorable face etched in the memories of all. We came in third, the newspaper took our picture. My little three year old self was smiling at the camera while Snarvil decided to show his backside to the photographer. Third place, take that! (somewhere we have that newspaper clipping, but I have no idea where it is).

I loved that drooling, ear dragging little guy!

Oh, and I think my dear friend KK is reading this post. And I know your sweet boy really wants a dog...have I convinced you yet :)


Karen said...

Great shot of you and the dog. I think every kid should have a dog (and I think everyone in our generation has a picture of our dad in plaid pants).

fairenuff said...

I'm sold on the idea but I already have a dog and two cats!

Smockity Frocks said...

I'm guessing the year was 1976. Do I win a prize? And your mother looks gorgeous! That skin!

Pat's Place said...

You need to ask Son #1 about plaid pants. He swears I made him wear them to embarrass him. I cannot convince him that it was stylish in those days!

kpottlitzer said...

that's a great story! i see a children's book series featuring dogs in your future. i love the pants and mom does look beautiful.l. where did you find that pic? i don't think i've ever seen it.

Anonymous said...

Almost! Although RK needs to read it too. He is the one to convince! :)