Monday, June 9, 2008

MMM - Little One Walks!

So I told you all that Little One took her first steps last month and then pretty much that was it. But she has now begun her full fledged walking, she was just waiting to get to Gram and Gramps I think. This is where both sisters took their first footward journey. She is so strong she can sit herself down and pull herself up with no help, all is done at her pace. I sense another strong personality in the making:)
That was my Memorable Moment for this Monday.

PS - My oldest child has suddenly expanded her vocablulary with words that I'm not so fond of, as heard at the end of this video. We are now studying the dictionary for alternative word choices!


Karen said...

Cute! It's so funny to watch such little people walking around!

Pat's Place said...

ALL RIGHT! She does look very determined--all in her own time! How cute! Thanks for the video! Am anxious to see all of you!

Smockity Frocks said...

So sweet! (And don't you love it when the kidlets choose to share the quaint family expressions when the video camera is on? Or in front of company?)

Kara said...

Yes, those little phrases you choose to ignore at home certainly can rear their ugly heads at inopportune times:)
We're looking forward to our visit, Pat!!

Amy said...

Yaaay! So cute! :)