Wednesday, June 4, 2008

WFMW- Summer Fun

This edition of WFMW is combating boredom over the summer. This is always a challenge. I've researched every camp in the area and only my eight year old is interested in going to one. I tried to get her interested in more, but "that sounds too much like school to me" all I kept hearing.
But one thing we have decided to do is give each girl a garden plot. We've already planted what they wanted to grow and each day we are watering and pulling weeds. When our vegetables are ready to pick the girls are going to experiment and make all sorts of good stuff for us to eat. They are keeping a journal of what they planted, along with how well it did (for future reference), some pictures of it along the way, and to finish it off they are including their recipes for everything they made. They've already started finding recipes they want to try and have decided one night we will have a "Garden Night" for our themed dinner.
Hopefully, this will help to keep us busy! For more great tips head over to Shannon's.

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lana said...

We are doing a similar thing at our house. I posted on growing stuff this summer as well for my wfmw today.
Happy Growing!