Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Nothing is Working for Me Wednesday

Today I normally do a WFMW post. It's not happening today. I have exhausted myself trying to think of a tip to share with you that would amaze you. A tip that would make you all sigh and nod your head or a tip that would leave you singing my praises for the next month or hour, whatever works for you. But alas, my brain is tired, my mommy gears have slowed so that a subtle creaking noise can be heard above all the chatter, arguing, screeching, and giggling of my kiddos.
I find myself telling my kids things I swore I would never utter. I remember going to my room in a pout as a child and making a promise that when I was a parent I would never do that! I look at my children through a hazy fog while slowly words form and tumble forth from my lips. I look around as the words reach my ears, "Who said that?" I ask myself before I realize it was me. That's not what I meant to say, how did that happen?
The other day at lunch my mom tried to pay the bill and my fingers snapped at her twice as I shook my finger at her scolding, "Drop that now, I'm paying!" Good grief, what have I become?
In a couple of weeks WB has some meetings and we're staying at a nice resort/spa. Relaxing you say...maybe, the kiddos are going too. Do you think they offer spa services such as a Mommy tune-up or acupuncture that will clear the cobwebs forming in my brain. Perhaps I'll meditate and visualize my children doing simple tasks without constant prodding by me... without mom losing her cool. Yes, that's it. I need someone to teach me how to be more Zen-like.
And I need someone to teach my children not to say "What?" after every sentence I utter to them, not to constantly be talking about farts, burps and butts (they're girls for crying out loud!), not to pretend their 14 month old sister is a ragdoll to be dragged around, and speaking of Little One; "Just who taught her to pull hair, hit, and screech when she doesn't get her way?"!! And Em and Soph if you are reading this, rip one is not an appropriate alternative for above mentioned bodily functions.
So anyway, excuse my lack of helpful tips for today. I'll be reading everyone else's in hope that they will rock my little crazy world!!


Pat's Place said...

Aha! Looks like the summertime kiddie blues have hit already! Wellll, come along down this way and let's see what mischief we can get into! And maybe dust off some of those cobwebs--IF this heat lets up! I did promise WB that we would do some babysitting!

Smockity Frocks said...

Very funny! Bodily noises are a big source of entertainment around here, too...sigh. What can you do?

(Can I go with y'all to the resort? I won't take up much room. You'll hardly notice I'm there at all. Pleeeeeez!)

Sasha @ Cherished Moments said...

I am hearin' you, Kara. And it isn't even summer over here! What is working for me this week is children entertaining themselves with empty packing boxes - just make sure they have one each, or there is a riot. Another one, that is.

Yay for Little One walking properly - no stopping her now!

Amy said...

I hear your wfmw pain... I ran out of any handy hints worth passing out several weeks ago!

If girls enjoy talking about bodily functions that much I can't *wait* to see what my boys come up with as they get older!

Have a great weekend! :)