Monday, June 2, 2008

Memorable Moments Monday - Passing of Time

I know we all think about time, and how quickly it passes. We blink and suddenly almost twenty years have passed since your high school graduation and you open your eyes one day to your sweet baby passing from kindergarten to first grade. It was just yesterday I was laying in a hospital bed watching her sleep, listening to WB snoring beside me, while completely thrilled with my little Fourth of July bundle.

I remember she used to let me pick out her clothes and do her hair so it wouldn't hang in her face and drive her mother crazy! Those days are long gone, long, long gone... She has a mind of her own now (maybe I shouldn't have let her listen to my record of Free To Be Me And You every night as a toddler) and she's not afraid to use it.

We measured her foot today and she wears a size 1 and Em is wearing a size 2. She's already wearing the clothes her big sister just put away last summer!! Good grief, she will outgrow Em here in another year or so.

And as I looked into her big brown eyes as she sang with the rest of her class up on stage, I imprinted that image into my memory. Because I know that if I were to blink I just might open my eyes to her walking across her high school stage wearing that same black hat and smiling that same sweet smile.


Karen said...

Makes me want to keep having kids until God closes my womb!

Smockity Frocks said...

Such sweet memories!

(I blogged about Em today.)

Pat's Place said...

Right on! Don't blink twice or she will have little ones of her own.