Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Cow in our yard...Part 2

Yesterday's cow adventure was the most excitement we've had around here in awhile. Yes, I know that is truly sad, but what can I say. After finding out I had a herd of bovines (eight in all; four mommas, three babies, and a steer) I gathered my wits and told the girls to call their dad while I ran for the camera. I rattled off WB's work number to Em as I dashed out the front door. I was too excited taking pictures to listen to the conversation, but when WB got home he and Em had a little friendly chat about emergencies. Here's his version of the phone call:

WB: (picks up the phone and hears nothing, then screaming) Hello, hello?
Em: Dad, daaaaad. Dad. It's an emergency. (pause)
Okay, at this point in the story I felt really bad for WB. I know he was imagining me laying in a heap somewhere unresponsive, poor man.
WB: What's wrong?
Em: It's an emergency! We have Cows in the front yard!!
WB: (deep sigh of relief) Okay, where's your mom?
Em: She's taking pictures in the front yard.
WB: (probably rolling his eyes) Okay, could you put her on the phone?
Poor, poor WB he is a lone man trying to survive in a whirlwind of hormones and emotions. It's difficult for him to keep up on most days, but he rallies along pretty well.

Now for the sad part of the story. WB works a good hour away from home and didn't make it home in time to don his chaps (okay, he doesn't own any...but I'm thinking about getting him some). I don't know about you all, but I was disappointed! And Blue the cowdog, well she was put in the garage. I was afraid the excitement of the cows might give her a heart attack. She is almost thirteen after all.

This momma we called WhiteFace. She had no qualms walking right up to our front door, unlike the other cows.

So an hour after the cavalry was called they arrived...

Here is WhiteFace trying to hide behind that stick, um I mean tree, as they arrive. WhiteFace is unaware that we don't have a tree anywhere on the property that could even begin to hide her!

In the meantime Em was busy making sure the cows stayed out of our gardens!

Here's the two young deputies that came to our rescue. You'll notice they are casually walking along, the cows have scampered off in front of them. And that is it...the deputies walk, the cows scamper along until they find the opening in the fence and they just go back to their side of the fence.

See, there they are back where they belong, way down there! And you'll notice WhiteFace is looking at us thinking that it was all so unnecessary!


The Fritz Facts said...

I love the Mom cow hiding...that is great. Such a fun story.

fairenuff said...

Yup, you've gotta love the cow hiding behind the twig! Ah, emergency... I mean 'excitement' over, back to 'normal' life.

Karen and family said...

Reminds me of when I found a possum in my trash can...