Wednesday, May 21, 2008

WFMW - Flushable Wipes

When we moved to our new house we moved to a house with newer toilets (less powerful flushers) and a septic system. It was an adjustment because, well to put it frankly, we kept plugging up our toilets. No, it was not pretty, not at all. Especially when I was still pregnant, hurling at the sight of Cheetos, not to mention a plugged up toilet. I started to throw fits, I rationed toilet paper and I scared the beegeezees out of my two precious girls. So much so they quickly learned how to use, or attempt, to use the plunger. I blame my reaction on my hormones and I assure you I do not try to scare my children on a regular basis, but I was desperate. That brings me to now, a year later, one of my dear children started having problems, errr getting wiped good. Okay, I totally blame more plugged up toilets but now we have another problem...not clean tushies. Because my child is older I didn't think of flushable wipes right away, but finally they dawned on me. Now we have a box in each bathroom and it has worked wonders. My not so little one is no longer embarrassed about her predicament, she doesn't have to ask me for help, or fear the plugging of the toilet. I just wish I had thought of it sooner.
So there's my tip for today, even older kids can use flushables, remember that:)

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Karen said...

My husband LOVES those flushable wipes!!! They are now a staple in the household, and have convinced my husband that we don't need a bedet.

Pat's Place said...

Be careful to use wipes that will decompose in the septic system! I had been warned against using them when we had our septic system because they do not disintegrate in the tank but will plug it up. Sorry to put a damper on your situation, but it might be worth checking into before you have to call RotoRooter!