Friday, May 16, 2008

"For Real" Friday

In the spirit of keeping things "real", I've deemed today "For Real" Friday. Soph has a summer birthday and we all know that summer birthdays sometimes get overlooked during the school year. But her wonderful teacher, Mrs. Adams, said any kids with summer birthdays could celebrate it this month. Soph is a fourth of July baby and therefore very patriotic and usually goes with a red, white, and blue theme. She asked for a flag cake to be made, I of course said, "No problem!" Sometimes I forget I have a one year old underfoot and still believe I can just whip things out lickety-split along with my all my other daily chores.

Here is the finished cake.

And this is my house afterwards...

For Real!


Pat's Place said...

The cake is beautiful--and well worth the effort and mess in years to come when Soph relates to everyone the story of her flag cake!

Karen said...

So funny! That's what happened to my house when I tried to help my hubby by vacuuming the pool yesterday!