Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Rant Update

First of all I would like to express sadness over my inability to write a post without a huge number of grammatical and punctual mistakes. That last post, well it was a mess. I tried to clean it up and post it but for some reason it kept posting my original not my edited version. Then it wouldn't save and on and on, so the post you read was very rough, not very writer-like of me!
Second, I tried to add an update, but since it didn't save I couldn't. Yes, I know I really have no business sitting in front of a computer trying to act like I know how technology works, hang in there with me please. I wanted to say WB talked to the superintendent who assured us the girls would not be held back, but they still had to go to the review board, state law. There is some question about that because our source with the state says it's not state law, whatever. I did get all medical records to prove that they were sick, not just home with me watching soap operas. The principal was supposed to call and arrange a meeting with us, no that has not happened and it's been a couple of days. It is a busy time of year so I'm patiently giving her time, but she will meet with my husband and I before the summer is up. And since you all encouraged me I will be writing a letter to the state and CC it to the people here. Maybe they need to figure out a different way to allocate funding, just a thought:)

Enough of that. I've been tagged by myfriendconnie so later today I will get that post up!

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The Fritz Facts said...

Errors oh well. Rants aren't supposed to be gramatically correct.

Good for you! I would give the principal one week, then call and raise a small ruckus. Just a small one letting them know how disappointed you are.

I would look into said law, on your own. To cover your bases.

I would love to see the letter! Letters are the best way, and sending them over and over until someone responds is always great. (Sometime I will post about writting letters to the Gov. to get a man prosecuted...he is still on probation too.)

Congrats on taking the road less taken and fighting for your kids rights!!!