Thursday, May 8, 2008

Weeds, Beautiful Weeds

Em examining one of our resident "weeds".
With spring upon us we decided it would be nice to take a nature walk after dinner one night. We only have two acres here at Cotton-Top Hills, but to us it's our own little piece of wildlife heaven. We decided to take pictures of the plants in bloom and the plan is to make a journal of sorts. That's the plan, but with everything around here the completion of the plan usually looms somewhere out there just out of reach!

Recently, while researching one of the plants we were going to purchase, I read that it was considered a noxious weed in some parts. Interesting, and here I was willing to pay an arm and a leg to get these plants for my flower beds. Well, not really an arm and a leg but I did sacrifice a pedicure for them. Well not really, I don't get pedicures unless someone is very, very sweet and sends me off to get one, aaaahem, sorry lost my train of thought for a second. As I was saying I'm paying for what someone else thinks is a stubborn weed in their yard and I'm putting it in mine. Well, I now have an idea...

Welcome to Cotton-Top Hills Nursery. We'll ship any of the below weeds, err, native, exotic wildflowers right to your door for a small fee. I can guarantee that they can withstand 70 mph winds, erratic changes in temperature, and drought. Not to mention the continuous stomping on by little feet and tractors alike. Check back in the fall where we'll have a special on tumbleweeds. You can be the only one in your neighborhood with genuine Texas tumbleweeds landscaping your yard! Feel free to browse below:

We also have yuccas and prickly burr plants by the dozens. These make great security systems for your home. Just plant around doors and windows and I bet it'll work better than any high tech alarm system. It will also teach your children to wear shoes!


Pat's Place said...

I heard about a man who made a fortune assembling tumbleweed snowmen, spraying them white and shipping them around the world. Shipping costs would be "light." It is a thought??

Lovely pictures!

Kara said...

That's a great idea...I made a snowman with them one year but didn't think to spray paint them...hmmm:)