Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Posting Minus The Rant

Well, I just wrote a very therapeutic post in which I expressed something that has really been upsetting me, unfortunately I can not post it now. WB has asked me to hold off until things get more settled...we're in the middle of a an issue and we're setting up meetings with the involved parties and once that is done I can rant, aren't you excited? WB, the dear man, believes hundreds of people read my blog on a daily basis (not you loyal twelve!) and doesn't want to rock the apple cart just yet, it's a strategic move on his part. He really would have made a good lawyer or chess player for that matter. So I will have to share later...

Em played Little Late Riding Hood in her class play. It was a hoot and those kids are budding actresses and actors. Her teacher works with them so hard on these things and she is such a great teacher. We have been blessed on the teacher front!

That was supposed to be a picture of Em in her play, but that picture is on my laptop downstairs and well I'm upstairs now! So imagine this face and a red hood, that's what it was like.

And here's Soph. She has been busy with end of the year activities. And she found a turtle yesterday, so life is good.


fairenuff said...

Oooh oooh oooh! I need an email with the details please. I promise I wont share it with anyone outside this country!

Love the pics.

Smockity Frocks said...

I keep checking back to see the rant!!

The Fritz Facts said...

Great pictures!

We are here for the rant! Let 'er rip whenever you are ready!

Karen said...

Love a good rant!

Pat's Place said...

Oh, oh! A rant! I wonder what that is all about??