Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Planting A Pumpkin Patch

This weekend we plowed up a larger section of our yard for our pumpkin patch. WB put some very antique looking disc's on his tractor and weighted them done with some cinder blocks to plow the field. His dad brought them up for him and WB had a great time plowing in circles up and down the slope. We saved pumpkin seeds from last year so we planted, Cinderellas, Fairy Tales, Giants, and some funky gourds we named Frogs. Now we just have to pray for rain because watering that far out is not very easy!!

The girls enjoyed their time outside. Little One actually stayed outside for quite a while, so I could do some work. It was wonderful to get my hands dirty and work up a sweat doing while doing something other than running up and down the stairs to change diapers:) They did have to move into the shade eventually because it was in the 90's on Sunday....summer has arrived.

WB and I were commenting on how it's the smells that can bring back the strongest memories...like water hitting a thirsty dirt field. It's a scent that evokes memories of hot summer days, long awaited storms, and times when you worked for the better part of the day with your hands sifting through the soil. It's that earthy smell that makes the memories flood back from your earliest years. We both took a jog down memory lane as we stood sweltering under the watchful eyes of the sun in our newly plowed field...oh sorry...I've been itching to get back to my novel writing, couldn't help myself.
Anyway, we're hoping for some great pumpkins for our Annual Great Pumpkin Party in the fall, keep your fingers crossed!

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Pat's Place said...

WB's dad is very pleased to see the "antique" tractor discs being used. And I bet WB has some strong memories of the Willingham's garden and those same discs being used to plow and plant out there! Good luck with the pumpkin patch. I planted some of your seeds here in our shady yard--we will see what happens!