Thursday, May 1, 2008

Gramps Arrival

Last Thursday Gramp was the first of our relatives to arrive for Em's First Communion. The girls are always excited by a visit from Gramp. My dad loves kids and is quite the comedian. They also know Gramp will do just about anything if asked. He's been known to make several trips to the pool or beach, then to playground, then to ice cream all in one day. I would have said something like, "We already spent two hours at the pool we are not going back today. Mom needs to rest." But you see they've figured out that Gramp is usually up for anything so they are ready with a list of activities when he arrives.
Here he is bike riding with the girls on the first day even though the wind was blowing 25 mph.

Little One also gets time with Gramp. Here she is showing him her "birdies".

And here she is showing him just where the identifiable markers are on a female Quail's face. Yes, she really is a brilliant little 12 month old!

But wait the fun was only beginning, soon more grandparents and Godparents would arrive. I'll post more tomorrow!

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Pat's Place said...

Where DOES he get all that energy!