Friday, May 2, 2008

Em's First Communion

Em had her First Communion this weekend and it was beautiful. She looked so grown up in her pretty white dress and braided hair with flowers. We went with flowers instead of a veil. My mom had a crown of fresh flowers made for my hair and I wanted to carry on the tradition. In fact on picture day at the church we didn't have any flowers and Em felt a little self-conscious so I found myself outside searching the flowerbeds for little white flowers. I found some and I knew God was smiling down on me as I quickly picked a couple for her hair and said a prayer of thanks. Well, if anyone had caught me picking the flowers that was what I was going to tell them, that God had put them there just for me! The other children who received First Communion at Saturday's mass.

After mass we all blew back to our house for a cookout. Really, we blew. When we left church the winds were gusting at about 60 mph and that is the truth. It was a cookout we all enjoyed indoors. Here's Em opening some gifts.

Our sweet friend Elizabeth made Em's cake and she also made these sinful chocolate cupcakes. It was all so yummy!

Em and Soph with their Dad at the church.

Em with Kaitlynn and Cameron, her godbrother and godsister.
Sweet Em at the church.
It was so nice with her Godparents and family coming in, grandparents, an uncle, and sweet friends who share our Catholic faith. I'll share more of our adventures that weekend and more pictures but I wanted to get these up for everyone. And I wanted to document that I was there, because somehow my picture is never taken (no I wasn't hiding from the camera's, well maybe).


Smockity Frocks said...

She is such a beautiful girl - inside and out!

We were missing you today. Our new neighbors were out playing in Emma's and Sophie's yard!

Pat's Place said...

Beautiful pictures! I need to forward some of mine to you.